In relation to RC drift cars motors, faster isn’t always better. Really, the faster the automobile, the higher difficult it's to drift.

The speed of a motor is determined by its “turns”. A lower turn motor will be faster with less torque, while the higher turn motors are slower with more torque.

The reduced speed combined with greater torque makes smashing the tires loose and moving the vehicle much simpler, so a regular rc motor is great for beginners.

HPI T-Drifts are a great number of drift tires, if you are running on polished concrete or other similar surfaces you’ll see them to become really smooth and highly workable.HPI T-Drifts are most likely the commonest rc drift tires ran today, they're very dependable and could fit most anyone’s moving needs.A smooth surface can allow you to run a softer tire setup without burning up your tires to quickly, while a rougher surface may require you to run a hard compound tire.