Remote Presence robots are remote presence robots which permit individuals different physical locations to teleconference and set up a remote presence using a mobile robot. Real-time video enables for detailed viewing and audio from the surroundings. The robot enables mobility inside the place of work. The robots have two-way video, two-way-audio, contact and non-contact sensors, and battery monitoring. All this is accomplished using wireless technology. The robot is controlled from the remote location utilizing a pc along with a gamepad.

Tele-operated remote control robotics are controlled remotely and usually don't supply the same degree of human-robot self confidence to customers as SAR. However, simply because they are controlled remotely, tele-operated robotics possess the unique capacity of permitting a person to become video-supervised with a health professional or doctor while living individually. It is crucial that tele-operated robots allow customers to remain associated with family people or buddies who live outdoors of the house through mobile videoconferencing. These functions have the possibility to positively impact social functioning, quality of existence, and skill to reside individually.